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So, as you may or may not know, I'm pregnant with my second child. I'm often asked what's different this time around. Here it goes:

I have been blessed with some saviors: an ahhhmazing chiro named Dr. Takahashi and my yoga teacher, Aria. I thank my lucky stars for them.

Jessica Alba

Dr. Brandon Takahashi (or otherwise lovingly referred to as Dr. B) has been our family chiropractor for the last 7 years. His adjustments are gentle, but addictive because you instantly feel better. I've seen his office filled with every type of patient, from newborns to the elderly and everything in between... even pets:) The most impressive, however, is his work on my 4 year old son, who suffered a near-drowning accident almost 2 years ago. The incident left my son with a diagnosis termed Spastic Quadriparesis w/ Dystonia. Basically the area of his brain that was hurt affected the speech and motor ability in his entire body. Dr. B has helped him regain more than half of his motor control, where he can now walk with some assistance again. He is improving daily and we are working towards 100% recovery. He helped to calm his nervous system as well. So through all his intensive rehabilitation, which is physically and emotionally difficult for anyone, much less a young child, my son is thankfully a very happy kid. My son's physical therapists and doctors have all said he is a miracle and that kids who have suffered what he has do not bounce back that quickly. I have to credit Dr. B for playing a significant role in his journey back to wellness and my son's story continues to inspire many people. Dr. B has also helped me as a mother, feel hopeful and strong in a very challenging time in my family's life. I consider him a very gifted healer and friend.

Linda S., Santa Monica

My family and I have been going to Dr. Brandon's office for chiropractic care since 2008, upon the recomendation of our son, who has also referred many of his friends. I have had three back surgerires in the past, and Dr. Brandon has been extremely dedicated in his profession to helping me strengthen my mind and my body. My husband suffers from sciatica, and also has seen immense improvement in his journey towards healing this debilitating condition. The office is uplifting, and the staff is caring and focused on providing us the best service possible. Jeannette and Diane are always helpful, and super efficient in welcoming us. We see Dr. Brandon 4 times a week, and continue to do the exercises he has prescribed, when we are at home. Dr. Brandon believes in healthy living, a positive attitude, and the motto of "Patient, heal thyself." He is the mediator in this effort, and the vast number of people who see him is testimony to his work ethic. I would strongly recommend anyone who is searching for chiropractic care to make an appointment with Dr. Brandon. He is not a miracle worker, nor does he profess to be one. But he is an accomplished chiropractor, with patients who see real results. He is "as good as it gets!"

Anne W., Los Angeles, CA

LOVE this man! He knows so much in his feild and is so knowledgeable in so many other area's as well. When going in to get my back adjusted, I mentioned that my stomach had been hurting, and he fixed that too! He is great!

The only reason I give 4 stars instead of 5 is because sometimes the office is a bit chaotic and full of people. But receptionists are great and so is the Dr., so it makes up for that.

I have referred ALL my friends to him.

Jasmine A., Venice, CA

Western medicine advised that I pop pain pills and stay home from work for a while. Dr. T took an XRay my first visit, explained the procedure of chiropractic care and did a physical exam. He also did an adjustment even though I was in such pain, I doubt it could have helped much. Nine visits later, here I am. I am walking around with no pain, I am taking no pain medications and I am on the road to recovery. The XRay indicated neck arthritis, which then causes a multitude of issues all the way down through my pelvis. Soon I begin stretching exercises, then strengthening exercises. It will be a lifelong process but I am so happy to have found someone who correctly diagnosed my condition and has a plan to get me back on my hiking trail. Dr. T cares and his staff cares. His office is welcoming and inviting. Dr. T will answer any and all questions and knows his patients well.

Cathleen W.
Culver City, CA

VIP member of my maternity team!

Dr. Brandon is a saving grace. I've seen him 1-2 times a week throughout my pregnancy. Never liked chiros before but he is always upbeat, I mean always. He has a healthful solution for everything and is very rooted in great nutrition. He's made better recommendations for solutions to ease those little hickups along the pregnancy road than any of my other care providers. He frees me of any blocks and discomforts (including digestive issues).

Andrea S., Santa Monica, CA